We're online and in our building on Sunday!

9:45* & 11:15am   All-Age Morning Services

7pm* Evening Service


Control Measures (for gathering in person)

In order to remain 'COVID Secure' when we gather we're applying guidance from the Government and the Church of England. This must be done carefully to ensure steps are appropriate to our setting. All procedures are kept under review and we respond to new guidance and lessons learnt over time.

We expect to have the following  measures in place on Sundays:

  • Bibles are available, but you're still encouraged to bring your own if possible and you may also wish to bring a notebook and pen
  • Hand sanitising on the way in and out
  • Maintaining 2m between households/bubbles as much as possible
  • Following the law around household mixing/socialising indoors and outdoors before, during and after the service
  • Wearing face coverings in accordance with the law
  • Taking a register to support the NHS Test and Trace programme and displaying QR codes
  • Being shown to seats and remaining in them
  • Not serving refreshments or gathering before/after services
  • Leaving in a controlled way via the main church doors*
  • Cleaning (disinfecting) all seats and commonly touched surfaces between services
  • Church car park will be closed
*Disabled and easy access remains via the church centre, please follow directions on the day

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Over-70s allowed back to church?

A: Yes but please take note of the Government guidelines. It's up to individuals to decide whether they feel able to return to church. If you are over 70 or are otherwise 'clinically vulnerable' you should follow the Government's advice, which states that "you should be especially careful and be diligent about social distancing and hand hygiene".

Government advice is available here: >>LINK<<

Q: Is there somewhere for parents to go if a child needs to be taken out of the service?

A: Yes. The church centre is open as a break room for parents who need time out with their child. Social distancing of 2m should be maintained and children should remain with their parents and not roam free. There are no toys available but you may bring your own.

We strongly encourage parents to remain in the service with their children as much as possible, including returning from the break room as soon as you feel your child is able. Keeping children a part of our gathered worship is important and you may be taking up a space outside that another parent needs.

Q: Should I come to church if I have symptoms?

A: No, if you have symptoms of COVID-19 you should follow the advice to self-isolate. If you develop symptoms while at church you should leave immediately.

Q: Should I wear a face covering?

A: Yes.  The law requires members of the public to wear face coverings in churches (and other indoor public spaces). There are some exemptions in law, the most relevant being: children under 11 years old, and if wearing a face covering causes severe distress.

We will have disposable face masks available at the welcome desk in case you forget to bring one.

Q: You're live streaming, how can I avoid being on camera?

A:  Please lookout for signs when you arrive, these will clearly mark the areas where you could be in view. Before and after the service the camera is likely to be on a wide-shot of the dais. Anyone seated in the front row or walking past will be in view. This is about 12 seats out of 130 - there is plenty of room if you don't want to be seen!

Q: Will the toilets be open?

A: Yes, toilets will be open. Please limit their use to one household at a time.

Q: Is there any advice on getting to church?

A:  You should follow the Government's advice. This includes, limiting use of public transport and only travelling in cars with those from your own household. If you normally provide people with lifts to/from church, the advice is to make alternative arrangements.

See the Government's advice here: >>LINK<<

Online Services

Sunday services will continue to be available on our YouTube channel. Where we are meeting in church these will be live streamed to enable you to take part live. Recordings of the live streamed services will also be available for viewing at a later date.

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Parents Portal

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