Christ Church Midweek

Meeting Online

We're encouraging all our small groups  to meet together online using  Zoom.

Each small group is meeting in a way that suits them. Most have been successfully using Zoom  for a while. We encourage groups to meet at least once per week and suggest being flexible with their planned agenda to suit everybody.

CCM Prayer - 8pm Tuesdays

15th April

11th May

8th June

13th July

Still the most important midweek meeting of the month! We'll be meeting all together on Zoom. For details on how to join contact the church office or check the church family update email each week.

Term Plan

 13th April

 CCMP (Week of Prayer)

 20th April

 Generosity Project 1

 27th April

 Generosity Project 2

 4th May

 Generosity Project 3

 11th May


 18th May

 APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting)

 25th May

 Generosity Project 4

 1st June

 Half Term

 8th June


 15th June

 Generosity Project 5

 22nd June

 HHH - Evangelism

 29th June

 Generosity Project 6

 6th July

 MBB Sunday, passage not yet set

 13th July


 20th July

 End of Term Review and Prayer

Joining a Group

If you're not already in a small group, we wouldn't want the current situation to prevent you from joining one. If you'd like to join a group please get in touch with the church office.

Getting started with Zoom

There are 3 steps to get started with Zoom:

  1. Got to the website  and create an account using your email address; reply to the email you receive and create a password
  2. Download the Zoom app on whatever device you use: PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone
  3. Login to the app using the details from step 1
  4. To join a zoom meeting you will need either a link to the meeting to click on, or the meeting ID (a string of numbers) and a password if there is one.