Child Bapitsm

Children's Baptism

Introducing children at Christ Church:

Seeking to make the right decision for your child, there are two possibilities to consider.  We hope that the downloadable guide (on the right) will help in this.

In summary:


This gives parents an opportunity with family and friends to give thanks for the wonderful gift of a child.  This may be more appropriate for those are not yet ready to make the public declarations and personal commitment of faith involved in a baptism.

It is a simple ceremony in which we give thanks to God and pray for you and your child.  Normally, it takes place on the first Sunday of the month at our morning meeting, although it can be held at another time if appropriate.


Far more than a "christening" or a "naming" ceremony, baptism is a sign of everything that God has done for us in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Without a personal and living faith in Jesus, baptism is like buying a train ticket without any intention of getting on the train – useless!

Baptism is a sign of two things:

  • of cleansing for our rejection of God’s rightful place in charge of our lives and the wrong that we do
  • of new life for those who trust Jesus

Children are baptised on the basis of their parents’ public testimony to personal faith until the child is old enough to make that faith public personally at Confirmation.  Parents will usually be regular members of the church themselves.

These are serious things, involving lifelong commitment by the parents to Jesus Christ, bringing up their children in the Christian faith, belonging to a local church and attending regularly.

Again, baptism takes place at one of our main Sunday meetings.  Before this happens, everybody needs to be sure that this is an appropriate step to take. We normally ask parents thinking about baptism to attend a Christianity Explored course before we fix a date for the baptism.



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