An introduction to The Word One to One

Many people haven’t read the historical accounts of Jesus.  On 3rd June we held a 40minute Zoom webinar where we read Episode 1 of John’s account using a resource called 'The Word One to One.' 

Matt Lloyd and Matt Dew-Jones, who hosted COVID Conversations, lead the evening. The webinar format gave those who joined at the time the chance to ask questions. A recording is available at the link below:

>> Click here for the recording <<

Watch COVID Conversations

1: How do we cope when everything changes?

Includes an interview with CCB Associate Minister, Matt Lloyd, about the time an utterly unexpected spinal cord injury left him starting life again from scratch.

2: How can we handle anxiety?

Features an interview with Mary Dew-Jones who talks about the time she was stabbed in the back when walking along a street in broad-daylight.

3: How do we find hope in a fragile World?

Matt L and Matt DJ talk to members of the CCB church family about what it's like to confront our mortality, one of the last taboos in our culture. Hear the experiences of different generations and explore the possibility of lasting hope.

4: Facing Unemployment

 Matt DJ hears from Roger, Ken and Taryn about how their faith has made a difference as they've lost their jobs.