God's Growing Family

God’s eternal purpose is to gather a redeemed people to live under the loving rule of His Son Jesus in a new creation. God is working out this purpose in, and through, the family here at Christ Church Bromley. We are caught up in something far bigger than we realise - in the eternal and universal purpose of God. Our small, short, seemingly insignificant lives redeemed by Christ, empowered by the Spirit are caught up in this purpose, as we grow amongst His family and serve with the gifts He has given us.

(Ephesians 1:3 - 14; Titus 2:14; 1 Peter 2:9 - 10)


We gather because the Lord promises His presence as His people gather around His word; He speaks to us and we respond to Him in praise and prayer. Our praise enables us to respond in declaring truth to one another. It's also part of our evangelism; testifying to the word and work of God in Christ.

Reaching Out

God calls us to reach out to unbelievers in our church neighbourhood, across Bromley and through our local networks. He has put us here to hold out the word of life. We believe that the more we are gripped by the grace of God ourselves the more we will long to share the gospel with others.

Growing Together

We long to see the gospel bear fruit amongst us as we pastor one another to grow in Christlikeness as we speak the truth to one another in love. We believe that only God can do this as are wrought upon by the grace of the gospel.


God calls His people to send out those He equips into ministry. It has been a long held commitment at CCB to train people for Christian service whether in a paid supported role or living as Christians on mission in the places the Lord has put them, as the people they are, among the people He has placed them, with the gifts He has given.


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