Weddings and Baptisms


At  Christ Church Bromley, we want to help couples make the very best and happiest start in their married life.  All couples will normally meet with the clergyman who will  conduct their service and we recommend either our own Marriage Preparation  course or Christianity Explored.

If you're thinking of getting married at CCB please contact the Church Office.


Being part of the  Anglican tradition at Christ Church, we would be happy to baptise both  believers and the children of believing parents who are established  members of  our church family.

Baptisms  are usually held during a church service, so that the congregation can welcome  them into the church family. In turn the church will promise to support and  pray for you and/or your child.  The baptism itself   takes place in the Baptistry pool at the  front of the church and family members and friends will be asked to gather  round the pool.

You  (or parents of infants) will be asked to make declarations and promises before  the church and before God.

If you're thinking of being baptised or would like more information to help you decide what's right for you or your child, please contact the Church Office.